RHC2.0 is the name for the big step the coop is making towards the future.

The main component, the technological change that underlies it all is that we have moved our member & share register on the Ethereum blockchain.

For now, this implies a couple of things.

  1. New member pages: members.robinhoodcoop.org (members will get an individual e-mail invitation)
  2. Reformulating the shares as “RobYns”, cryptotokens managed on the blockchain
  3. Aftermarket: members can sell & buy Robyns from each other on the member pages

In the near future, the change brings the possibility to introduce more alternatives for asset management (in addition to the familiar Parasite).

For now, the new member page is in its early days, so expect rough edges and changes. For feedback, use the forums. And, as always, don’t hesitate to volunteer for help, we could use more hands on the deck!

Info to old members – what has changed and what has stayed the same?

New Members page

Discussion on RHC2.0

Rationale & decision