Democratizing finance on the Blockchain


 RHC2.0 member accounts are up

Members have an account ready on the  blockchain through the interface we have created. We are developing several features to it.

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New accounts registration

New accounts will be possible as soon as we finish developing the interface for this economic space.  We are about to start first users tests. 


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What is Robin Hood?


Robin Hood is an activist investment fund, a cooperative that bends the financialization of economy for the benefit of those who are not the financial elite – that is you and me.

RHC trades on the Wall Street with an algorithm called “Parasite” in order to return profits to its members and  fund projects that expand the commons.

We continue to reclaim Finance as a way for acting together towards major shifts on the processes of accumulation and distribution of value.

For this we are using the most recent web technologies of decentralised computing, such as the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ways it works

  1. Individuals or groups become a members, buy RobYns and decide how the co-op is run. Each member, one vote. We are about 930 members at the moment.
  2. Per the RH principle, part of the profit generated by the fund is invested into projects building the commons.
  3. Coop's assets are managed with the help of an algorithm called “The Parasite”, invented and operated by Sakari Virkki.
  4. Money put to the funds is placed in the Wall Street stock exchange.
  5. We keep track of and give dynamics to these assets on a revolutionary technology for decentralised computing.