App user manual

1. Visit our site on

This is our entry page with number of members, share value, and share total.

2. Click on “SIGNUP” to open the signup form.

Make sure you tick the “terms and conditions” checkbox.

2. Enter your data accordingly.

NB: If you are already a member with the coop, please use the email address you’ve used to register before. Furthermore your phone number, registered addresses and correct name are important for us in order to make sure we can associated your old account and shares with your new account.

This is currently a manual process, so please make it as easy for the members team as possible to identify you. Thank you.

This is the current signup form look

3. Click on the button “SIGNUP” to proceed. This opens the Fortmatic popup.

Fortmatic is an external service that manages your account and blockchain address

4. Click on “Continue” to proceed and enter the same email address you have just used in the signup form.

NB: It is essential to use the same email address. If your email address differs from the one in the signup form, we will not be able to associate your account with the ethereum blockchain (the system that runs our application), and we will not be able to issue you any shares.

This is currently a manual process, so please make it as easy for the members team as possible to identify you. Thank you.

Put the same email address as in the signup form

5. Click on “Sign Up / Log in” to proceed. You will be presented with a field to enter a confirmation code. Do not be alarmed by the countdown below, you will have sufficient time.

Type the numbers, copy & paste might not work.

6. Check your email inbox for an email with the subject “(Fortmatic) Please verify your email”.

This is an example email viewed in the email client Mozilla Thunderbird

7. After entering the confirmation code you will be automatically presented with a field to enter a password for your account and click on the button “Sign Up”

NB: Treat this password like any other of your important pieces of information, ideally putting it into a password manager.

Make sure all the conditions of the password are met and are green.

8. The popup will now close and the signup steps are finished.

9. A final email will confirm the success of the automatic part of the onboarding. Now the coop volunteers will have to do some manual steps to confirm your account.

10. After some time (we will try to do the registration on a weekly basis) you will receive another email informing you about your account and shares being finally confirmed and registered on the blockchain.